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Thursday 17 December 2009

Day Seventeen - Kingfisher

Despite the bitter cold here in the East of England (snow is forecast) I made msyelf go out for a walk/escape from the office at lunchtime. Worth braving the cold as down by the river Ouzel I came very close to kingfisher on one of the pollarded willows by the water's edge. You only ever catch a glimpse of these birds but such colours. Here's a poem I wrote earlier about another kingfisher.

Catch fire

The hedge monochrome in this morning’s frost.
Each black twig outlined with white.

The cold air hostile
against your ears, inside your nose.

The canal water muddy grey
matching the overhead clouds.

A morning walk not to be
lingered over until the sudden chirp and flash.

Unforgettable fire disturbed into flight.
Opal and orange breathless
streaking away of a kingfisher.


James Owens said...

Hello, Caroline:

I like this, especially the irst line and "Unforgettable fire disturbed into flight." The pacing really captures that moment of flash and flurry when the kingisher bursts from cover. Well done.

Caroline M Davies said...

Thanks James.

It's a shame that one only ever sees a kingfisher when it does burst from cover but I live in hope of one day observing one waiting for fish.