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Friday 28 November 2014

Are we there yet?

Earlier in the summer I mentioned taking part in the annual Poetry Postcard Festival organised from the United States by Paul Nelson and others. This has improved my grasp of the geography of the US as even when the card itself wasn’t specific to the local I did look up where it had come from.

After the rush of brightly coloured cards and vibrant poems coming through the letterbox I’ve continued to get the occasional card during the autumn but I think we must be done now. So wanted to say thanks to all the poets who brightened my days and the dining room door

 Kay Kinghammer, Ann Hudson, Linda Barnes, Courtney Birst, Laurel Radzieski, Tamesa Williams, Joanne Diaz, Shayla Hawkins, Rebecca Fullan, Jennifer Lemming, Jamie Robinson, Tanya Neumeyer, Carolyn Everett, Bette Lynch Husted, Allyson Boggess, Elizabeth Aamot, Dheepikaa Balasubramanian, Terry Holzman and the four unknown poets who sent me cards.

I'm looking forward to next year. 


Courtney Birst said...

One of mine is in there! Yippee! =)

Caroline M Davies said...

Thank you for the card Courtney. For other readers of the blog it is the striking black and white card of witches. It's great to see where the cards end up although I've yet to see any of mine online